Monday, 11 March 2013


Tis bit windy down here in Devon today, short snow flurry while riley and i were out this morning but i told it to "feck of snow, feck very off". So far it appears to have listened to me. Met a really lovely staffie girly beautiful grey colour that i believe is termed blue. Also our friends reggie the labrador and meag the springer where out. Wished i'd put my gloves on and didnt look like day release doris in a hat!

Yesterdays shed efforts are to be saved for the 'non jewellery' craft fair. Currently wondering what i could crochet to sell.

Finished off the blanket last night might now do a beanie to go with it and maybe the baby shoes from Simply Crochet mag.

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  1. Stop saying that to the snow, you sent it up here! :) It was like a blizzard this morning. Will you post pics of the blanket you made? I can crochet a wobbly line lol.